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news, boston. >>> okay, jay, thank you. terry mcsweeney is also in boston for us tonight. terry, it's been so emotional for people here in the bay area i can only imagine how difficult it is for everyone there. >> reporter: good evening. raj. i'm here on boylston street, yes, the memorial continues to grow here. throughout the day hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have brought flowers and candles in memory of those who died and those who were injured, but all the buzz is for a suspect in custody heading to the federal courthouse, hundreds of people there including an 8-year-old girl. take a look. her name is ava. when she heard the news she texted her father and needed to be there, she wanted to see the man who killed her friend from corridor 8-year-old martin richard who died in monday's marathon bombing. they were friends, very close friends and always played together. she had to see who took him from her. if the suspect was coming down here, what kind of feelings were you having? >> mad and scared. >> reporter: mad, explain that to me. >> when i first heard, i was really mad
continues. live in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, we just heard from a couple of people who you spoke to about the president and the service overall. what's the takeaway? do you think the president's presence helped? >> reporter: i talked to a number of people coming out of this service and it was remarkable. to a person that i talked to maybe eight or ten people, they were saying that it really did help. one woman saying that this shows that boston's coming together and they've got back-up. another young woman said, i feel better, isn't that weird? didn't even know how it happened but she felt better and that was the purpose of this trip. and it apparently succeeded. >> terry mcsweeney, thank you so much for your live coverage from boston and as always we'll continue to follow new developments surrounding the explosion here on nbc bay area and online on our website, >>> in other news, this afternoon, the attorney for audrie pott's family will answer questions about the new legal claim they filed against the south bay school district they say di
coverage tonight, nbc's bay area terry mcsweeney is in boston. we begin with gene ellie with a bay area based website that's helping catch these suspected bombers. jean? >> reporter: thousands of people are online tonight sharing pictures, looking at pictures hoping to help police identify the boston bomber. police say the effort can be helpful, it also raises concerns about pointing the finger at the wrong people. >> the finish line of the boston marathon was a well photographed place before and after the bombing. all of those images are now pouring into police. >> you can't expect a department to be able to sift quickly through all that information. >> a communications professor is watching the online community log on to help. people on websites like bay area based reddit are doing detective work of their own. sharing and comparing photos hoping to help identify the boston bomber. >> if you click on it, you will see a video and photos. >> san francisco police say the input can help. an outraged public health helped find a suspect who vandalized city buses. the department started the l
in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> okay, terry, thanks for the update. >>> dozens of runners from the bay area flew to boston to participate in this marathon that included a martinez woman whose 11-year-old son was injured in the blast. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in martinez where she spoke with friends of the family. >> we're just trying to get through this. >> reporter: katherine hern is just trying to keep it together as her 11-year-old grandson, aaron, remains in intensive care in boston. aaron was hit by shrapnel monday as he waited for his mother to cross the boston marathon finish line. >> they are just kind of stabilizing him and will go back in tomorrow and finish taking care of the shrapnel injury. >> reporter: aaron was just six feet away from one of the blasts. his grandmother says he was so close, his hair was singed, and things were so chaotic, the ambulance took him away before his parents could process what had happened. >> after all that 26 miles, katherine ran, they had to walk from hospital to hospital to try to find aaron because they didn't kno
. >> we begin live coverage of terror in boston with terry mcsweeney. terry, what's the mood like now that there's word there's a break in this case? >> reporter: word is spreading like wildfire. three responses i got very, very reserved, very, very cautionary responses. one woman says that gives us something to hold onto. receives -- she was at this memorial. two other people said they hope they have the right guy. another said they would want them to arrest nobody instead of having the wrong man in handcuffs. a surprising response considering the emotions here in boston. where i am is about three blocks from where the bombs went off. you can see these people gathering. they are all gathering for this memorial you see right there. take a look at video we have from this morning. we were out here. people coming up. it's very much like a church scene in the sense it is reverent. there's no shouting, being boisterous. people bringing candles, flags, cushy red sox balls with messages written on them. signs that say, stay strong, boston. some people we talked to wasn't even sure how to fee
at the fountain. >>> and coming up at 6:30, we'll go live to boston with our own terry mcsweeney and how they are investigating. >>> and audrie potts, who is the teen who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted. tonight, the family's attorney is responding, nbc bay area has more on the accused teenagers waiting for their fate. >> reporter: well, sources say the teens are still here behind me at juvenile hall, waiting to see if the judge will let them go home on house arrest or if he will keep them here throughout the trial. meanwhile, the war of words continues outside these walls. saratoga high school is on spring break this week. but the school still issued this paper, answering the questions that the media had been asking. audrie pott's family said that the school ignored claims that audrie was being bullied. the district says they never discussed it at a meeting a year ago. the family also said the school announced the daughter's death before the family even knew she was dead. but the district said that audrie's family gave permission to announce the death over the innercom.
sophisticated bomb so they're thinking it would have been a ho homemade device that went off in boston. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> 2:00 a.m. in boston, that is where terry is and the fbi working around the clock on this case. people travel from all over the world to take part in this prestigious boston marathon and dozens of bay area residents were there today. we go to martinez where the community is concerned about the family of the high school football coach. >> reporter: the high school football coach, alan hearn, is in boston with his wife and two young children. the hearn family was standing near the finish line when the bombs exploded and tonight young aaron hearn is in the hospital with shrapnel injuries. >> the shrapnel hit him in the thigh. >> gay knows a martinez family who is in a boston hospital tonight caring for their son. he was injured by shrapnel in the marathon bombing. >> they were at the finish line to congratulate katherine. so they were just right there in the center of it. >> reporter: she spent hours on line and on the phone today tracking down information about the
county sheriff's deputy wounded. while city leaders try to impose a cease fire. terry mcsweeney joins us with the community's plea for peace. >> reporter: i talked to some community leaders tonight. and they say the current strategy just is not working. one of those leaders in this city, bishop bob jackson says his plea for peace includes a plea for more police, lots master's degree police. >> i've been here 67 years in the city of oakland. i've never seen what i've seen today as far as inner city. >> bishop bob jackson is the one who leaned on governor brown to provide california highway patrol officers to help oakland. >> reporter: this past saturday night during operation cease fire, a deputy was injured and a suspect shot and killed. bishop jackson says only 200 officers are available to patrol the streets. and operation cease fire is not working. >> to me, we need about a thousand police officers. >> on the playground, you would work it out. and at worst, it would connell to blows and there would be a fight. >> it is my firm belief that if anybody doesn't care about him or herself,
't have a description of the suspect, just his vehicle. it was brown, no make, no model. live, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >>> later tonight, a suburb dealing with something they never dealt with before. a shooting involving their own police department. happening on wood view drive in lafayette. nbc bay area jodi hernandez has more. >> reporter: raj, the lafayette police chief says as far as he knows, this is the first officer-involved shooting. they say they are looking into what took place in this building that ultimately led to gunfire from police. >> it sounded like you know, bang, bang, bang, i heard like three or four gunshots. and then i heard women or girls scre screaming. >> reporter: that is what folks who live in this lafayette neighborhood woke up to this morning, after they say police shot a knife-wielding man. the police went to the house after getting a series of hang-up calls from the home this morning. several windows were shattered. the scene of an apparent confrontation. >> they approached the resident, the subject came out of the home with a knife. the officers orde
off the plane right into that suv, the presidential suv. we begin our team coverage tonight. terry mcsweeney is in san francisco where protesters are prepared to greet mr. obama. we begin with cheryl hurd on the tarmac. >> reporter: as you can see air force one is behind me. they are cleaning it up and fuelling it up for the president when he leaves tomorrow. right now as you said the president is on his way to pacific heights for a cocktail party. after that he will be attending a dinner at the mansion. he is here, of course, to raise money, but he is focusing on the 2014 election. earlier today i talked with a professor from usf, political science professor james taylor about the president's visit. >> this is all about the mid term elections trying to minimize the impacts on the majorities that he has in the senate and also to try to push back on the republicans domination or majority in the house of representatives. >> reporter: right now you are looking at pictures of mr. obama at a prior event. according to political watchers the commander in chief is trying to do everything he can to w
reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, goodnight. . >>> good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. a perk getting employees free vacation time. janet susco joins us with details on the district attorney's time-off policy. >> when the budget crunch forced departments to cut back, select attorneys lost their 5% bonus. our investigation exposes rosen directed time sheets be altered giving weeks off without using any vacation days. now the county is opening an investigation. >> reporter: hundreds of time sheets from top-paid attorneys in the d.a.'s office atrd. >> i directed this to happen. i wanted this to happen. this is exactly what i wanted to happen. it was unfair and unprecedented that their 5% differential was taken away. so after long and careful deliberation, i instituted a policy. >> reporter: his policy, taking time sheets and changing to administrative leave. >> is it fair to everyone else who have had to make cuts? >> i don't even understand the question. >> reporter: other departments making cuts. >> i'm the elected district attorney, so i'm entrusted with protecting the
. >> i'm carry terry mcsweeney. the search continues for answers in the south bay after the sexual assault of a los gatos teenager who took her life days after and. today we learned another memorial is being planned for 15-year-old audrey potts more than seven months after she died. our usual policy is not to identify the victims of sexual assault or suicide, but in this case, her parents want her name and face to be shown in an effort to prevent this from happening to anyone else. nbc bay area's kimberly thiere with more. >> reporter: the three teenage suspects are being held here. their detention hearings are expected monday or tuesday. the boys, all 16 years old, accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old audrey potts while she was unconscious at an unsupervised house party september 2. according to authorities, photos were taken of the attack and circulated on line. a week after the assault, audrey took her own life. a vigil has been announced friday at saratoga high school where she and the suspects went to school. it's expected to start at 8:00 p.m. audr audrey's parents have
. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a big heads up for san jose commuters. tomorrow morning construction begins on the long awaited b.a.r.t. extension to the silicon valley. traffic will be impacted along haas tetter road between thicken jer and lundy avenues. kimberly terry is near the construction site with details on what drivers can expect as the project gears up. >> reporter: i'm standing on some old railroad tracks that will eventually become the b.a.r.t. line through san jose. construction on haastetter road between lundy and slickenger avenues will begin monday. the first major work being done in san jose for the south bay b.a.r.t. extension. there will be a temporary lane shift to the south and a reduction in traffic lanes from three to two lanes in both directions. the b.a.r.t. silicon valley communications director says drivers should give themselves extra time in this area, especially during peak commute hours. in addition to this very visible work that will be taking place over the next nine months, the chief says there are multiple other construction projects under way. >> we are
area. we'll show you where. >>> good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm diane dwir. the parents of a south bay teenager who they say killed herself as a result of a sexual assault and cyber bullying are preparing to speak publicly for the first time. we don't usually identify the victim of sexual assaults, in this case audrie potts' parents want her story told to prevent other suicides. in san francisco, he just spoke with someone who survived bullying and an attempted suicide. >> reporter: 13-year-old kevin heinz jumped off the golden gate bridge expecting to end his life. unbelievably he survived. now he has a message for other people in that same situation. >> my job now on this planet is to help people like audrie potts before they get to this point. this is temporary. this instance in your life is temporary. just like the bullying that was pushed upon me was temporary. >> kevin heinz saying that bullying played a role in his decision to end his life. in the year 2000 he jumped off of the golden gate bridge. he's one of four people known to have survived that jump and to reg
boston marathon, turned into pure panic and confusion. terry mcsweeney joins us from boston where he spoke to a father and a son from los altos. they were just looking to have that ultimate running experience, but really they had the ultimate bonding experience. >> reporter: that's true. yesterday was going to be a very memorable day for the anderson family of los altos. father and son running together in the boston marathon. obviously it's a memorable day, but not for the reason they had hoped. here in boston tonight memorials like this going up here and there. this one on the street where the bombs went off. people stopping by to offer their prayers and thoughts for the victims. the andersons, meanwhile, are offering thanks for each other. >> this was going to be, you know, our moment. >> reporter: and in a tragic way, it was the moment for bob anderson of los altos and his son, michael. they came to boston to run the marathon. bob finished before michael and was waiting for his son just past the finish line, just before 2:00. >> you could hear the sound of the bomb and the smoke.
and continues into the night both in boston and here in the bay area. we have a series of reports tonight. terry mcsweeney is in boston where friends and family members are coping with the terror. we begin with jodi hernandez in fremont with the local connection to the bomb material. >> unsettling development for this fremont battery development. the folks at tenergy are very upset to hear that their battery may have been used for the bomb. a far cry from what the batteries are designed to be used for. tenergy says it is widely used for hobbiests mainly remote control cars and trucks and sold at hundreds of mom and pop hobby shops and sold online. the company's vice president of technology says they are horrified to find out their batteries can be used in such an act. >> horrified, appalled, shocked. batteries used for toys, rc cars and trucks and to see it used in such a way is
, terry mcsweeney. >> thank you, and we invite you to stay with nbc bay area on the latest of the terror in boston. we will have more reports tomorrow, and you can get updates on our website, nbc bay ramping up, pg&e is increasing security around the sub stations in the bay area. they are providing around the clock security at a sub station here on boscel road, that was after shots were fired at a sub station in san jose, and that led to a major outage, five transformers were damaged and fiber optic cables were cult, cutting service to cell phone service. >> we have increased security throughout the service territ y territory. >> well, dispair, confusion, anger. one south bay mother understands all too well the grief that the audrie pott family is feeling, her own daughter tried to commit suicide after being taunted by classmates. she is trying help kids deal with the emotional strain of it. we have more on the mother's message and it's heart breaking. >> reporter: it truly is, the mother said there needs to be more done to give a voice to the kids being bullied and suffering
helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. >>> good evening. i'm dine divider. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we begin with breaking news out of boston where nbc news is reporting the surviving marathon bomber is communicating with investigators with handwritten responses. i don't ca dzhokhar tsarnaev is -- charge may come tomorrow. >> also today many pause to remember the victims and reflect on what has been an overwhelming week in the city. >> jie gray has been following and has the aftermath from boston. >> reporter: they continue to clean out the area inside the crime scene. as more of the city begins to open, many today were drawn here to the area nearest where it happened. sometimes there's a strength in simply being together. >> people are going to have to ban together and be with their loved ones and work through it by talking and feeling. >> hundreds from different faiths gathered near the site, some whose charge was damaged in the attack, some resilient but till on sundays, pausing to reflect. >> it was shock, it was anger, it was sadness because this is our city. you don
. reporting live i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >>> let's turn things over to terry mcsweeney live near the getty mansion where protesters as you can see are awaiting the president's arrival. >> reporter: they are awaiting with a message for him and it is not hello, how are you doing? these people are upset with the president not coming out against the keystone pipeline from canada down to texas. you can see i'm guessing about 800 at this intersection. they have several hundred other intersections occupied, as well. what they are trying to get across is they don't want the pipeline going from canada to the gulf coast to go in. it looks like it may be going in. the folks here are saying even though polls show most americans support this pipeline they want it stopped. supporters say it means gas and oil. opponents say an environmental disaster. i asked the sierra club spokesman what his group wants the president to do. >> it is going to raise the price of gas in the midwest. most of the oil will be exported abroad. and thirdly, this operation is going to destroy a forest the size of engla
on the bay area. hot today and, folks, we haven't seen anything yet. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm diane dwire. we have team coverage on the warmup. anthony slaughter in the weather center tracking record breaking temperatures heading our way. kimberly terry is in san jose where temperatures reached the mid-80s today. it's hot for this time of year but certainly not unbearable. i assume most folks are enjoying it out there. >> reporter: they are enjoying it. we're all enjoying it out here. we did a nonscientific survey. most people say it's not scorching hot, it's actually quite comfortable. everyone is out here just soaking up the rays and enjoying it. but spring certainly does feel more like summer today. families are taking advantage of mother nature's grace. in downtown an jose there's no shortage of kids enjoying the fun in the water fountains out there. parents say it's a win/win. plenty of shade for them and water for the kids. >> it's hot. >> did you enjoy it out here? >> yeah. i enjoy getting wet. >> this is fun for them. it's fun, it's free. and it's keeping them nice a
'm terry mcsweeney, diane has the night off. >>> they are the lord of the rings. for the second time in three years a ring ceremony held at at&t park. giant players were handed their new jewelry before the game but there was one conspicuous absence. henry wolford is here with details. henry? >> reporter: activity wrapped up at at&t park today and it was the day players and fans had anticipated most since winning last october. >> world series most valuable player, the panda, pab when sandoval. >> barry zito. >> the world champs received their championship rings during pregame ceremony on the field. the rings made by tiffany and company have a white gold face that includes the sf logo made out of, get this, 52 diamonds. and on each side of the ring, seven round diamonds representing the giants seven world championships. by the way, general manager ryan fabian and manager bruce bochy were given their rings first followed by giants legends and then the players. and big news, aubrey huff was the only former joy ant from the 2012 team at the ceremony. he got a standing a ovation. wilson wa
, in boston, massachusetts. terry mcsweeney is on his way to boston right now. once he arrives, he'll gather the latest information on this investigation and will touch base with many of the bay area runners. stay with us throughout this newscast for our continuing coverage of this breaking story. we'll have another update in about 15 minutes. >>> our local and national web teams are also working right now to keep you up to the minute. we have images of the aftermath which have been edited to avoid the bloodiest scenes as well as raw video and interviews from eyewitnesses. it's there for you right now at >>> their pain is heartbreaking and their despair palpable. for the first time we're hearing from the family of audrie period of time pott. her mom, her dad and her stepmom today talked about losing audrie just as their attorney filed a wrongful death lawsuit against three 16-year-old boys accused of assaulting her. boys, the family says, audrie considered friends. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live from santa clara county juvenile hall with more on the civil lawsuit and whe
people, end quote. it was just too much for her to talk to us on camera today. live in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> before we let you go, we can see the barricades around you, military personnel. what's the scene like a day later? >> reporter: well, to say that security has been heightened would be the understatement of the week. there is national guard troops out here with their automatic, in some cases, and semiautomatic rifles. s.w.a.t. team members, police presence everywhere. it's going to be one of the heiferies policed places in the nation. there's no perceived, no known threat of another terror attack against the people of boston. this is out here to let everyone know it is secure. if people have videos, they can come forward and talk to police, find out where they can send pictures of the videos. maybe something in those pictures can help solve this. >> okay, terry. certainly lots of raw nerves out there. thank you so much for your reporting from boston. >>> people travel from all over the world to take part in the boston marathon. a number of people are there from t
tomorrow evening. good night. >>> good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm diane dwyer. community groups are joining forces in the castro tonight to get the word out about crime and safety. they want everyone to be the eyes and ears for each other especially since there's been a spike in thefts and burglary over the past year. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in san francisco with more on what's happening tonight. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, it's a call to end the violence. sisters of perpetual indulgence and castro community on patrol will be targeting this area of the city tonight handing out safety information and offering advice. they also plan to give people whistles they can use to call attention to themselves if there is, in fact, an emergency. the groups say they are concerned about crime in the castro and are hoping the san francisco police department will join them tonight as they head into bars and restaurants to distribute the anti-violence materials which include personal safety tips. >> a lot of people come to the castro to have good fun. unfortunately, there are people w
with your lowe's consumer credit card. >>> good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. i'm diane dwyer. we begin tonight with developing news. an intense manhunt is under way in the central valley. police are urging people to stay indoors and keep their doors locked. they're searching for a person who stabbed an 8-year-old girl in her home last night. this is happening in valley springs, 30 miles east of stockton. our sister station has the latest. >> reporter: we're now learning investigators processing this scene have collected fingerprints as well as what appears to be dna evidence. we're standing about half a mile away from the scene. you can see a lot of different agencies gathered
>>> good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. i'm diane dwyer. we begin tonight with developing news. an intense manhunt is under way in the central valley. police are urging people to stay indoors and keep their doors locked. they're searching for a person who stabbed an 8-year-old girl in her home last night. this is happening in valley springs, 30 miles east of stockton. our sister station has the latest. >> reporter: we're now learning investigators processing this scene have collected fingerprints as well as what appears to be dna evidence. we're standing about half a mile away from the scene. you can see a lot of different agencies gathered there. this while a search for a little girl's killer continues. one day after the county coroner's office say 8-year-old layla fowler was stabbed multiple times, law enforcement agencies from across the region have sedeskrended on valley springs z springs. >> we collected what we believe to be dna. the prints and dna will hopefully be processed within the next week. >> reporter: deputies say the 8-year-old was home alone with her brother. a
evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. how would you like to take a few weeks off from work without having to take any of your vacation time and still get paid? our investigative unit has uncovered that's exactly what some of the highest-paid employees in santa clara county are getting, free time off. investigative reporter jenna sefko joins us with the details. >> reporter: when the county's shrinking budget forced departments to make cuts, select employees lost their 5% bonus. we found after it was cut a department head institute add policy of altering time sheets to get around it. we're talking about district attorney jeff rosen. we uncovered he's been handing out extra time off to select attorneys at the tax payers' expense. >> it was unfair and unprecedented that their 5% differential was taken away. >> is it fair to everyone else who has had to make cuts? >> i don't even understand the question. >> other departments making cuts. >> i'm the elected district attorney. so i'm entrusted with the public with running the district attorney's office and with protecting the public. i'm not here to sp
terry mcsweeney will be live in boston with the latest on the investigation. one more note here tonight. after running more than 26 miles and hearing about the explosion in boston several runners today in boston at the marathon kept running straight to massachusetts general hospital so they could give blood, a glimmer of light on this otherwise dark day. >> we will leave you with a shot of the flags at the capitol. >>> tonight, a nbc news special report. after an awful day in boston, a bombing at the finish line of the boston marathon. there are mass casualties including children. the latest on what happened and where the investigation stands and including a search for a suspect as our nbc news special report gets under way. good evening. it is the best day every year in boston. the running of the boston marathon. it's a holiday, patriots day. the kids are home from school. the rocks play at fenway park today and they won and started off as a great day in boston. then, all eyes turned to the finish line at the marathon. at 2:50 this afternoon, 4:09 in to the race, what the "the boston g
suffered in the boston marathon bombing. live in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> the family of a marteen ezboy is doing well. aaron hern was hit by shrapnel. his father tells nbc people immediately jumped in to help after the blast. >> he was scared and obviously in pain. people came to help us pretty quickly. i'm not sure who they were. someone brought a tourniquet with a belt. it wasn't bleeding heavily but it looked like a war wound. they got him on an ambulance pretty quickly. >> father is a football coach. at least three martinez restaurants have organized fundraisers to help the hern family. they are donating portions of their proceeds. the family doesn't know how long they will have to stay in boston as aaron recovers. and for the latest update you can visit our website at >>> pressure building tonight for a change in leadership at the top of california's public utilities commission. it is an agency that regulates $50 billion every year. the tension between state lawmakers has grown since nbc bay area's investigative unit uncovered a confidential docum
'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. it was a night for the ages at the oracle arena in oakland. the warriors won convincingly. steph curry supplying the magic to the sold-out crowd, supplying deafening support. >> they're one win away from the second round of the play-offs. nbc bay area's kimberly tere was inside oracle when the buzzer sounded. kimberly, how are your ears? >> reporter: they're okay. they're slowly recovering. but i can tell you, it was loud in there. everyone was cheering. it's clear this team had home court advantage. everyone was thrilled with the win. it was so cloud, you couldn't even hear yourself speak. ♪ celebrate this time, come on ♪ >> reporter: the warriors won in front of a sold-out fans tonight, a sea of gold. >> the energy, you can't describe it. it's incredible. it is in your soul. >> that was amazing. iguodala came up to a quick start. but our defense got them. curry bombing the threes. no way they're ever going to defend those. i'm really excited for that. >> reporter: neither team came into tonight facing elimination. but the stakes were hi
. weather watcher terry mcsweeney reporting around san jose. we've had light rain around san jose. been more moderate in a few spots up towards the north bay and east bayhill tops. you could see 50s outside. by tomorrow morning, it's going to be less about the rain and more about the wind speeds around the bay area. it is a little breezy out there. west wind at 20 into oakland, 26 in novato. by tomorrow, we could be looking at 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained winds. that will be part two of three weather changes we see this week. right now we are seeing some of that light rain at times that will shut down by sunrise. and then the winds start to crank up as the system starts to move to the east and midweek. a third part of the big changes will be the warm-up. we'll get into the 70s and maybe even close to low 80s by wednesday. right now towards solano county into the east bay, you can see some of the showers right around castro valley, over towards dublin and sunol, and a little bit of light rain here and there around san jose. a lot of the moisture is being forced to rise up over the hillto
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